Some leading scientists' comments:
"I looked at chapters 8 and l0 but made no attempt at
following your exposition in detail since your theory
extends beyond my competence. But what is quite
obvious is that your ideas are original and highly
interesting. Please accept my congratulations."
"P.S. I am taking the liberty of donating your book to
our Math Library."
Lotfi A. Zadeh
Professor in the Graduate School, Computer Science
Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer
University of California
Berkeley, CA 94720 -1776
Director, Berkeley Initiative in Soft Computing (BISC)
"I think the book is very impressive!
Furthermore,I found the last part particularly useful
in brain modeling and photonics networking alike! "
Paul P.Wang
Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering
Pratt School of Engineering
Duke University,Durham ,NC,27708 ,USA
"I took a brief look through it." " I'm sure it will
be a useful resource for me."
David Mount
Department of Computer Science
University of Maryland
College Park, MD 20742